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F1 Festive Shopping Guide

29 Nov

Earlier in the year I wrote a couple of pieces on F1 merchandising. The first, a look at alternative merchandising, and the second, an assessment on whether teams have got their merchandising right. These went down well with fellow fans, so I’m now following up with a special festive edition. If you’re trying to write your list for Santa, or looking to buy a gift for an F1 obsessed friend/relative and are lacking inspiration, then I hope this piece helps you.

I’m sure many will have F1 race tickets on their Christmas list, and those would really be the ultimate gift….but what I’ve included here is a little more reasonably priced.

Fun stuff

I suspect there are very few F1 fans who haven’t enjoyed the McLaren ‘Tooned’ series on Sky Sports F1 (I don’t like McLaren but even I liked the cartoons). Great news for fans of the cartoon is that McLaren have brought out a range of merchandise for kids, including a DVD, for Tooned. It’s a shame for big kids that there aren’t adult clothing items…

Tooned Kids Socks £7.95, DVD £9.95

The other fun range I’m featuring here was created off the back of *the* radio messages and off-track excursions of the 2012 season (both courtesy of Mr Kimi Raikkonen) by the excellent Unlap. There are two ‘leave me alone’ designs, which are available on t-shirts (£10 kids, £14 adults) and mugs (£8).

‘Leave me alone’ designs from Unlap


There’s a huge range of F1 related books available if you look on Amazon – biographies, annuals, memoirs…enough to fill many shelves. Here I’m picking one new book and one ‘classic’.

Through the Eyes of Formula 1, by Caroline Reid and Christian Sylt. Earlier in the year, Zoom organised a charity auction of photographs taken by a number of drivers and key personnel in the 2012 F1 paddock. These photographs have now been compiled in to a book – available on Amazon for £11.80.


The Grand Prix Saboteurs, by Joe Saward. This book was published in 2006 after meticulous research by the author (who is also a journalist in the F1 press pack) in to this amazing true story. It tells the story of F1 drivers in 1920’s and 1930’s who became secret agents during WW2. There have been plans to make a movie of these events but there are currently funding issues. Available new on Amazon for £12.99 (less for second-hand copies).


F1 experiences at Silverstone

Silverstone has an ever-increasing range of experiences available for petrol heads looking for an adrenaline rush, and they have some excellent Christmas offers available.

Their ‘Thrill Super Choice Voucher’ is £79 and allows the lucky recipient to take their pick from a range of seven cars and go for a spin around the track. The best deal, however, is to pay the higher rate of £99 and get two adult tickets for the Friday of the 2013 F1 Silverstone Grand Prix.

If you’re looking for something a little cheaper or less exhilarating, Silverstone also offer tours of the circuit for £15 and helicopter flights over it from £39.