Images from Bahrain

7 Apr

Apologies if I’m becoming a Bahrain bore, but as I’m sure you can tell, this is something I feel very strongly about.

I just read Tom Cary’s latest article in the Telegraph about Bahrain and was struck by the image at the top of the article of the graffiti.

A great deal of what we’re hearing about Bahrain at the moment is words; is it safe to go or isn’t? I am a great believer in the power of images to tell a story. I am sharing with you here what I have found via google, and there are plenty more images besides these if you look online.

I was tempted to include some more imagery of how protesters are being treated, but I don’t know all of my audience and I don’t want to publish anything distressing on here. If you do, however, want to see for yourself what is going on, then I recommend looking at the images here:

The F1 related images follow here. I haven’t added captions as I think they speak for themselves. Images were sourced from:; Project Aldawar and

Also here is a shot showing the scale of protests in Bahrain. There are clearly thousands of people taking to the streets. This image was posted on 24 March:

By contrast, here’s an official sign promoting the race (via and some official images for the event (via Bahrain International Circuit):

So who thinks Bahrain is uniF1ed and ready to celebrate F1??????


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