‘Senna Watch’

7 Jan

In the weeks after the end of the 2011 season (just when F1 withdrawal was starting to kick in) I saw the Senna film for the second time. After an F1 season where I got seriously in to tweeting about F1, it felt quite odd to be watching something F1-related without being able to tweet my thoughts and read those of others as the action was happening on my tv screen. After seeking the opinion of some fellow fans I decided to create ‘Senna Watch’ – a fixed date and time (8 January 2012 at 8pm GMT) for fans to all hit ‘play’ at the same time for a simultaneous ‘watch and tweet’ of the film.

If I’m completely honest I was hoping for about 50 people to join in with the event. Here we are the night before the big day and the dedicated @SENNAWatch twitter account currently has 186 followers, and there are more tweeps out there using the #SENNAWatch trend. Having that many fellow fans engaged with the event is just brilliant. I’m also pretty darn excited that the film’s writer, Manish Pandey, and director, Asif Kapadia, are aware of the event and may well be participating in it too. Not bad eh?

I’ll be posting a write-up of the event early next week.


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